Eneko Atxa presents ENEKO Bilbao, his new restaurant at the Euskalduna Palace

Eneko Atxa presents ENEKO Bilbao, his new restaurant at the Euskalduna Palace

The chef, awarded with four Michelin stars, officially opens the new culinary location in the Euskalduna Palace on May 24th.

  • The dishes on the menu speak of his land, culture, traditions, and Basque producers and their work.
  • ENEKO Bilbao is based on traditional Biscayan cuisine: ancient recipes, presented in an elegant and direct manner, with all the intensity of Eneko’s cooking style.

This is a very personal project where culture, environment, and excellence are combined through culinary tradition. The chef and his team want to show the essence of Biscayan cuisine in an elegant and innovative way, giving it a platform in the international arena.

The identity of the project is based on Eneko’s desire to recover and update recipes that are part of his personal culinary memory; recipes he lived and inherited since childhood, but elaborated from a simple, elegant perspective of the highest quality.

With the new restaurant ENEKO Bilbao, located on the fifth floor of the Euskalduna Palace, the chef and his team want to recover and vindicate the essence of the Biscayan cuisine and bring it back to life.

The Euskalduna Palace is also the perfect platform to promote and disseminate it worldwide.

The focus is a proposal that speaks of the land, the culture, and traditions of Basque producers and their work. It is a modern proposal that is built on the foundation of Eneko’s
cuisine: flavor and technique.

The structure combines the classic menu with two tasting menus. The diner enjoys recipes that are part of traditional Biscayan cookbook, such as hake jowl in a pil-pil sauce, sukalki stew, intxaursaltsa, etc., presented in an elegant and direct perspective. The menu is dynamic and alive, where seasonal products and the variety of the Biscayan pantry are the main protagonists.

The space is welcoming with magnificent views of the center of Bilbao, where the kitchen, integrated into the dining room, is at the heart of the restaurant, receiving and gathering customers.

To give each diner a perfect experience, Eneko worked together with Patricia Urquiola, one of the most internationally renowned interior designers. The space combines tradition and modernity, and responds to the canons of Basque cultural identity, inspired by the gastronomic societies, fishermen’s boats, the cottages and their kitchens, all to create differentiated spaces.

All these ingredients make ENEKO Bilbao a restaurant designed for Bilbao today – a cosmopolitan space for the people of Bilbao to enjoy their cuisine and for those who visit us to discover an unforgettable experience.